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You want a judge who is technology savvy presiding over your case when using telephone/cellphone recordings.

Recording a face to face conversation and trying to combine them with your legal rights to recording telecommunications could result in your case being tossed out on a technicality.

A Reference For Harassing Phone Calls From Debt Collectors Some things to ask yourself before action ... 2) Were you on company time or on company property at the time of the recording? 4) Did you specifically ask not to be recorded and the phone call he made to you - was it harassing?

If you file for wrongful termination, harassment, etc etc - you may use this as a pendant charge - meaning it will enhance your case.

Rarely can you make a case just out of recording a call.

It's usually considered part of a pattern off harassment.

Usually, the only "entity" that can be sued or "punished" by the law is a creditor that records you without your permission. Although I did not have to inform her she was being recorded; I did.

Recently, I received a phone call from a debt collector. she refused to tell me (A creditor rules violation) ... She stated, There is no such thing as "permission to record" - continuing a conversation IS a permission granted by the other party.

This debt collector refused to listen to me and kept interrupting me ... One cannot "authorize" or "de-authorize" you from recording.

I feel silly typing that, but if someone who you are in a heated argument with threatens you about permission, it makes it SOUND ominous. You may have OTHER rights if the other party "claims" you do not have permission to record a phone conversation (Particularly if they are a creditor, law enforcement officer, or attorney*). Please also know that it is your RIGHT to request (properly & politely) for any recording a company/attorney may have of you and they are required by law to make it available to you.

Don't let their ignorance of the law intimidate you. Many people, especially law enforcement and creditors, PRETEND to know the law regarding recording of phone calls. Note that this doesn't mean they are required to make it convenient for you to have the recording.

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