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Predating even the earliest Western contact, the loko (ponds), I'a (fish) are a tangible reminder of the days when the land and sea supported the ali'i (royalty) and fishermen (lawai'a) who were the original inhabitants of the land that is now Mauna Lani.

The seven ponds - Kalahuipua'a, Kahinawao, Waipuhi, Waipuhi Iki, Hope'ala, Milokukahi and Manoku -were created by ancient Hawaiians who used them to raise fish and supplement their ocean fishing efforts.

The ponds have a combined water surface area of 15 acres and are still home to countless fish. Utilizing natural anchialine (brackish) pools, most of the fishponds were created by walling off the pools' natural access to the ocean.

Bottom samples taken from the ponds date the ancient aquaculture system to as far back as 250 B. Makaha (sluice gates) were incorporated in the walls to allow for circulation of sea water, essential for maintaining healthy fish.

The ponds were used to raise mullet, 'awa (milkfish), shrimp and other sea life strictly for the consumption of ali'i and other persons of rank.

Commoners who ate these fish were punished by death.Before his death in 1990 Kupuna Sam Hook shared memories of his tutu man (grandfather) explaining how he followed traditional methods to help gather mullet and awa pua from the sea.The fish fry were so tiny that tutu couldn't tell what kind of fish they were."So they put the pua in Milokukahi Pond," Sam said, "until they grew big enough" to distinguish the species from one another.The fingerlings were then transferred into a makaha and fed taro, breadfruit and sweet potato.As they grew, they became accustomed to being fed there.

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