excel application updating - Polycom stuck on updating initial configuration

The webcam didn’t even need configuration – we just stuck it to the top of the TV, plugged it into the Visual+, and done.First off: Update the Trio 8800 to the latest firmware as soon as possible.

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You’ll use the USB ports on the hub to administer the update. This is accessible by getting the hub’s IP from your network, and loading it in a web browser. (This step is NOT in the documentation right now, as far as we could tell.

CAB files are also listed for download on the post. If it is in there and we missed it, please let us know!

Secondly, it’s critical to change the Trio’s base profile to Lync Mode. ) After we updated the setup webpage, we discovered that the Base Profile setting is also buried in the hub’s Settings menu.

“It makes audio conferencing a visual experience.” That’s what my colleague Stephen had to say when I asked him about the Real Presence Trio. But overall, we all came away with the same impression – the Trio 8800 is a powerful conferencing system that works with Skype for Business very well.

He, along with the rest of the Lync/Skype4B team, spent some time working with the Trio these past couple weeks. As I mentioned last week, we have plenty of bandwidth in the office to test the Real Presence Trio.

And test we did – running several conferences internally, with remote participants, audio-only, video-only and audio/video. “Phenomenal.” Careful not to tap on the table; the hub picks it up! Video Quality: In JB’s comment last week, he mentioned that he’d occasionally see remote meeting participants’ video freeze up.

But only on the Trio – when viewing on a laptop, no freezes occurred.

We tested this with two remote participants, but didn’t encounter any freezing.

Now, freezing could occur from any number of factors. One final note here: I’ve written about Music on Hold in the past.

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