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“All these TV executives are saying: ‘”Naked and Afraid” is so successful, why don’t we do “Naked This” or “Naked That”?’ The format has been proven to work.” But some critics remain unimpressed.

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Oh, I know, let’s do the same thing, but let’s take everybody’s clothes off!

’ ” Ask Porcelli why she appeared on “Dating Naked” and she maintains there is more to the show than just voyeurism.

“It’s actually heartfelt and much deeper than people imagine,” says the Canarsie-raised writer and comedian, who now lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kicking off her bikini bottoms, Brooklyn-born singleton Christina Porcelli steps out from behind a palm tree to greet her blind date, who is letting it all hang out as the cameras zoom in for a close-up. The highly amusing reaction shot — the “raised eyebrow” moment that has become so ubiquitous on reality TV — is in the bag.

“Remember to look him in the eye,” Porcelli tells herself, trying hard not to cross her arms over her bare chest. It’s no surprise that “Dating Naked,” VH1’s latest foray into the so-called “unscripted” category, is slated as the next small-screen hit of the summer.

Porcelli is among dozens of contestants who agreed to strip naked in the pursuit of love and reality-TV fame — and the series, filmed at a luxury resort in Panama, is expected to top the network’s charts when it airs next month.

Borrowing heavily from ABC’s “The Bachelor” — with shades of Discovery Channel’s ratings-winning survival contest “Naked and Afraid” thrown in — “Dating Naked” is one of a rash of upcoming reality-TV shows in which ordinary people shed their inhibitions and their clothes.

They include TLC’s “Buying Naked,” premiering Saturday, about a firm of real estate brokers serving a nudist community in Tampa, Florida, and Lifetime’s “Born in the Wild,” a fly-on-the-bush documentary focusing on pregnant women giving birth outdoors, currently in preproduction.

Meanwhile, WE tv is pushing the envelope further with its pilot for “Sex Box,” an “educational” program in which real-life couples disappear into a soundproof box to do the dirty deed — then discuss their sexual hang-ups with a team of therapists.

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