Online dating recovering alcoholics

— In an effort to better tailor its services to the needs of its users, online dating website e Harmony has announced the launch of Luv Drunk, a dating site for people with crippling alcoholism and no aspirations of sobriety.

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Well, last night I got in a fistfight with a tree and lost.

Every morning I come into work with the same Starbucks cup filled with cheap vodka.

I’m tired of waking up in an empty, piss-soaked bed. ” Fortunately for singles like Barrister, beta testing of Luv Drunk has shown early signs of success.

“I met Penny four months ago, or maybe like a year,” writes Luv Drunk user Sal in a testimonial, “Other women would try to change me, trying to make me go to some restaurant or something.

Julie drove right onto my lawn and we shared a romantic couple of boxes of wine in the basement, and that’s why we’re so genuinely compatible, that lying bitch.” According to CEO Neil Clark Warren, the changes made to the original algorithm were minimal, as both sites operate on the premise that all people are entitled to a healthy relationship without needing to make any efforts at self-improvement.

Lindsay asks: "I just met this guy who seems perfect on paper.

Four dates into what seemed like a fairytale and he told me that he's a recovering alcoholic.

He goes to AA meetings every week and says he hasn't had a drop to drink in three years.

I don't want to throw something amazing away... But I'm not sure I want to get involved with an alcoholic even if he's admitted it. "In a nutshell: I think it depends on your situation.

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