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It was only a few days later that the Native American came by and spent a few days there with me.He told me to move my camp just a little further north and I would be on Indian land and that I could live there and not be bothered by the rangers because they had no jurisdiction there.He said that he and some others had been watching me and that I was living the life of the Native Americans and only taking what I needed to survive and was welcome to live as long as I wanted there. I had no tv, radio or anything but the wilderness and loved it there.

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I am 61 now and think back on those years and wish that I was there again. I do not know if I could afford to get back to Alaska again.

I am not in good health now but thinking seriously about doing it again. I do know that I will make my way back to the mountains someday.

There is no better way to leave this world than being out in the forest and away from all sounds of civilization. Godspeed, Bruce's answer: Just wanted to let you know that it is possible to live free and natural as you mentioned. National Forests, Wilderness areas one must except if you make yourself known and in the open you will be asked to move after a certain time. She just could not adjust to the solitude as well as the long winters. Alone or with someone special that is capable of wilderness living. It can and is done by more people than you realize.

I am a former longtime boy scout and outdoor enthusiast so survival would be a challenge but very possible.

I have become very upset with the direction society has taken and would like to live in a remote undisturbed wilderness location for 1-3 years to search for the answers of life that I can not answer in such a jaded society.

Is there a place where this would legally be possible, thinking maybe east Texas.Charlie's answer: I am from NC and lived in the wild many years ago back in the early 80's.I made a crude shelter and only hunted small game and lots of fish. It takes some getting use to but once you get accustomed to it is fine and a wonderful life.I only saw a few people while out there, one ranger and one native american.The ranger was pretty upset with me being there and fishing without a license but after a few moments of listening to me he said that he wished he was in my position and out there living without hardly any care.He warned me that the next ranger that found me would and probably run me off.

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