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In response to Schauer, the chamber's director of health policy and human resources Wendy Block explains, "Although the intent of an increase is to help low-income workers, studies show that it can have the opposite effect by driving up the cost of entry-level jobs, encouraging employers to hire higher-skilled job applicants, and generally increasing the cost of doing business in the state." When considering the latter statement, Schauer's previous implications toward a positive cyclical response aroused by pay bumps seems to be more of an unwarranted generalization chauffeured by an idealist's causal inferences.

Fast-food worker and supporter Sam Johnson stated, “I make .25 an hour…No matter how hard the people of Michigan work, with the minimum wage where it is, this American dream that everyone aspires to has been obliterated by this economy.” Similar comments suggest that people are simply unable to afford living in the areas that they once could and current times stifle success in ways that seem unfair.This side's emotional appeal is contradicted again by a similar argument from Block, stating, "Even if jobs are not cut (out of necessity due to salary increases), employers respond to higher labor costs by shifting their hiring focus to better skilled employees or more capital-intensive production, leaving the least skilled out of the labor market." It's true that labor markets have changed and techniques that once prompted success are now deemed below-average, as alluded to by supporters of this reform, however Block brings a prudent point to attention.With the Millennial generation now entering the marketplace at an ever-increasing rate, labor for all hierarchal levels will never be less competitive or demand less refined skill-sets.Post-secondary educations are more prominent than ever, and if jobs featuring minimum wage become more worthwhile than before, it seems foolish to expect anything other than a shift toward demands for higher qualified—readily available—employees.Opinion Gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer proposed on Nov.18, 2013, his intentions to raise Michigan's minimum wage from .40 to .25 if elected.Ramirez, a writer for The Detroit News, told this story in an article titled "Schauer proposes hiking state minimum wage to .25 an hour." This initiative would take place over a three year period—hourly pay rates would raise (from the current .40) to the first year, .60 the year after and .25 the third.

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