My dns is not updating

In Windows ServerĀ® 2008 R2 DNS resource records are no longer updated by sources with DNS credentials.

Instead, DNS resource records are now updated by the sources that are part of a DNS Update Proxy Group.

In order for the DNS Update Proxy Group to update the DNS resource records, a global parameter has been introduced.

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Additionally, when performing a secure dynamic update, Open ACLOn Proxy Updates is set to 0.

Setting Open ACLOn Proxy Updates to 0 ensures that the DNS Update Proxy Group will not be allowed to update client created DNS resource records and that client created DNS resource records will not be allowed to update the DNS Update Proxy Group. This means that when a member of the DNS Update Proxy Group updates a DNS resource record, the record's ACL will be adjusted to grant write privileges to clients.

The reason behind this is to allow backwards compatibility with systems that are running versions of Windows that were released before .

Regardless of Open ACLOn Proxy Updates being set to 1 by default, it is recommended that it be set to 0.

In order to set Open ACLOn Proxy Updates to 0, take the following steps.

I ran into an issue with my DNS cache in Windows 8.1 (and Windows 8 before the update). Your machine is getting its DNS resolution from somewhere else, and the caching is taking place there. The second column is the TTL and is the number of seconds remaining before my DNS server will refresh the record for

I have a little webserver running and I purchased a domain for it. It does not matter how many times I flush my local DNS, every time I ask my DNS server to resolve, it will give me the same answer.

After I changed the DNS settings of the domain to point to my virtual server, I opened my cmd and typed "ipconfig /flushdns" like I did several times before to get the new IP. It won't go back to the authoritative name servers for and see if there is a new IP address until that time expires - in about 3.7 hours.

It is not your cache that is the problem, it is an inherent part of the way DNS works.

Is there any other way I might have missed to completely clear my DNS cache?

I pinged it using online tracerouting tools and it always shows the new IP.

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