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Going to a game at Coors Field is like going to a game at a very large minor-league ballpark. That 1995 season when he almost had the Triple Crown.

I spent my elementary years in Dallas during the glory days of Ruben Sierra and Juan Gonzalez and old Nolan Ryan punching young people in the face. Potentially the only solution to fill those, on average, 20k empty seats a game would be to dress the Rangers up as the Dallas Cowboys and make them hit footballs.

Twins fans are a model of the on-the-surface Midwestern affability mixed with deeply buried resentments that permeates so much of the local culture, except in this case, instead of a once-beautiful marriage now gone cold and loveless between two Swedish Lutherans, it's a cold and distant union with Joe Mauer and the $1.5 billion (estimated) left on his contract.

At least with the Metrodome it felt like the fanbase had a little something to pin its collective identity to -- granted that "something" involved a cold and unfeeling dome replete with cheering for bad turf bounces and balls lost in the lights, but it was something!

Until the NFL took over one concussion at a time, baseball reigned as America's national pastime. If you take a look at the state of American culture, one might argue that the REAL pastime is pissing each other off, and MAN are baseball fans good at that! Despite being Texans, and thus genetically predisposed to boasting and scorning other people's brisket, the fanbase that supports the Astros evokes many of the same feelings as the -- gasp -- Brewers fans: long suffering, and non-threatening to opposing fans.

However, some fanbases are stronger than others in terms of total insufferability. The only difference is all of them are doing it while eating Nolan Ryan hand-dipped corn dogs, and Nolan Ryan 100% beef burgers.

So here they are, the fans for all 30 franchises, ranked from least to most offensive. An entire stadium filled with parents who grew up outside of Philadelphia but moved to El Cajon for work, looking to keep their elementary-aged sons occupied for three to four hours until they’re legally allowed to make them sleep, plus 20-ish guys who've remained lifelong Padres fans because they personally met Tony Gwynn, and retirees who literally have nothing better to do.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more affable fanbase than Brewers fans. Despite the fact that it might seem intimidating to be amongst legions of Bawlmer fans rooting for dem O's, drinking Natty Boh, and talking about Joe Orsulak, it's really not.

Being a Brewers fan means handling your booze -- which they'll need, because this is looking like a looooong rebuild. It's hard to find fans obnoxious when they suffered through a rebuilding strategy that basically required losing all games between the years 2009-2014. And now a lot of people have made the Astros the trendy pick to win the World Series this year, and not just because Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa wears Yeezys.

Also, since it's state law that every block needs a minimum two taverns, these people can DRINK, but said drinking manifests itself in asshattery at a far lower rate than in other cities. It also likely helps that nice Canadian couples living north in Richmond Hill who celebrated the last time the Blue Jays made the playoffs (before last year) by doing sex now have a 21-year-old, fully grown adult child wearing a Joe Carter jersey to tell an awkward story to.

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