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is a city in the Zaporizhia Oblast of the southeastern Ukraine.

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The estimated population as of 2007 is around 158,700.

Generally, the Russian language is spoken in the city.

Melitopol is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the European Commission Intercultural cities program.

Melitopol industry includes the mechanical engineering (machine-tool constructing, motor and others factories.); food, light industry, manufacture of building materials.

There are two high schools in Melitopol - Taurian state agro-technological university and the Melitopol state pedagogical university.

Melitopol land has a constant supply of water and is extremely fertile.There are, of course, other industries, such as engine building factories, tractor part manufacturers and refrigeration manufacturers found in Melitopol, but farming is the dominant industry.Here you will find food processing plants, vegetable farms, fruit orchards and flour mills.Agriculture is the foundation of the economy in Melitopol and contributes to the economy of the Zaporizhzhya Region.The Motorny Factory is one of the plants that the city is very proud of, as it manufactures and exports a large number of vehicles each year.Melitopol also has a few attractions and noteworthy tourist sights to draw visitors.

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