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is a premier Muslim eligible professional matrimonial event service.

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We provide two services: Before you completely dismiss the idea of meeting potential matrimonial candidates, consider the following scenarios: You've worked hard all your life to get through college and then find a decent job to guarantee yourself financial stability.

The problem is you never had time to meet someone along the way. It's time to set your personal life in order and begin your search for the person of your dreams and live happily ever after.

Whether you are just starting off in life and want to find your soul mate or are already established but haven’t had the time or means to meet people, a event is a safe, viable option to meet and converse with like-minded people.

At Muslim&Single we understand the importance of relationships & marriage within our culture.

So we have created a unique place for you to find love & happiness.

As British Muslims ourselves we understand the significance of the identity and heritage we share.

We believe that at Muslim&Single you will find a safe place to talk to & meet people from a similar background as yourself.

Inshallah we can hopefully help you find true love & happiness on your exciting journey.

Millan is a premier event service for eligible Muslim professionals.

Millan provides Muslims a forum to meet other Muslims descending from every part of the world This is the only organization that is organizing Matrimonial Events on a nationwide scale, and the number of attendees is increasing every time.

At our last event, we had attendees from 12 different states, indicating that Millan US is a phenomenon sweeping the nation.

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