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Modern birth control changed bonding relationships profoundly.

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Mothers nursed infants and cared for the kids and the nest. Couples exhausted the remainder of their youth and all their middle age raising their families. It wasn’t a perfect arrangement, but it lasted centuries.

Birth control affects women more profoundly than men.

For men, birth control has allowed the control of taking on the responsibilities of being a provider for a family under the old family model.

For women, it meant they could have relationships and at the same time be a provider.

Women are no longer expected to be limited to the role of “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.” – Since women started entering the career world divorce rates have skyrocketed.

In the BBC way of thinking this has been a shocking reality, but in the ABC world it’s not really so negative. – Statistics show a great increase in men and women who are choosing to remain unmarried or postpone marriage.While there are substantial negatives to divorce, particularly with children, divorce is more manageable when both spouses can work and support themselves, as is often the case today. With birth control they can have careers and relationships without the challenges of raising kids.– Career women who wanted children but didn’t want to abandon their careers created a need for child care to take care of their precious little ones during working hours.Some husbands split or assume all the responsibility for work time child care.Though sometimes reluctantly, many husbands today are sharing other domestic chores more equally with their wives. Is a lifetime commitment the goal of bonded relationships? Are religious ideas of marriage keeping up with changing science and cultures?How do overpopulation and lower mortality rates relate to making families?

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