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A new analysis prepared for the National Center for Policy Analysis by the actuarial firm Milliman & Robertson estimates the costs of 12 of the most common mandates and finds that, collectively, they can increase the cost of insurance by as much as 30 percent. Although there were only seven state-mandated benefits in 1965, there are nearly 1,000 today.

However, the federal govern-ment's new mandates - banning "drive-through" baby deliveries and requiring that any cap on mental health benefits be the same as the cap on physical health benefits - apply to all insurance.

Moreover, Congress appears likely to pass even more mandates in the future.

How Much Do Mandates Increase the Cost of Health Insurance?

Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan Programs (COOPs) were really a political compromise between Members of Congress who wanted a public plan option and those who didn’t.

Once the Affordable Care Act passed, COOPs had outlived their usefulness.

However, they are now failing and will cost taxpayers plenty.

Senior Fellow Devon Herrick testified before a congressional committee.

For more than 30 years, state legislatures have passed laws driving the cost of health insurance higher.

Known as mandated health insurance benefit laws, they force insurers, employers and managed care companies to cover - or at least offer - specific providers or procedures not usually included in basic health care plans.

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