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For the past few months we are posting small amount of stories in our site SCS.

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Yah kahani “mae paise de kar chudi” ka akhiri bhag hai.

Pehle ki sabhi audio sex kahaniyon ki tarah yah kahani bhi chudai aur vaasna se bharpur hai.

- Understand the anus form each unique, as if she carries the fate of man.

You may have heard a Russian proverb, as “an asshole feel”, so here it is not meaningless.

- Hey doctor and maybe you’ll take us three hundred and noted at that sort of tell fortunes? - Gentlemen, I see a man of principle, not for the money just will not take.

I understand you want to buy my silence about what happened to your friend.

I designed it to a different name and treated him personally, what you have your principles, I have my own.

that at least for a moment to prolong the pleasure, to feel how it works reed, mouth and jaw, between which hard dick so smoothly enter. and she fucks already fucked him, grabbing and squeezing his head edge elastic jaws… if you knew that guy when such feelings for the woman descends into his mouth all that accumulated after the stunned this blowjob.

everything, I can not tolerate the baby – and shot, shot more directly to you in such a beautiful and passionate mouth, get what you like myself, my cum hot and slightly sticky, and drink it all up to a gram malyschka.

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