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I have never realized that a (1) can influence personality traits.

For example, there are no (2)­­____in the landscape of Great Britain.

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Great Britain has a (5) climate so it is never very hot or very cold.

Because of this steady climate the Englishmen are very (6) ____, that means they don’t get out of control easily.

The other world-famous trait of the Englishmen is (7) ____.

As for the American national character its roots lay in the history of America conquering.

The first settlers had to overcome many difficulties and it resulted in such traits as (8) ____and (9) ____.

America is a (10) ____country and you can find four (11) ____there. A lot of people came to this new continent in search of a new life.

So we can say that the whole nation is the nation of (12) ____. Russian people have a very strong sense of (14) ____, because it is easy to perform difficult tasks together.

The climate in the Each Englishman walks, eats, drinks, shaves, dresses, gesticulates, and, in every manner, acts and suffers without reference to the bystanders, in his own fashion, only careful not to interfere with them, or annoy them; not that he is trained to neglect the eyes of his neighbors, — he is really occupied with his own affair, and does not think of them.

Every man in this polished country consults only his convenience.

Born in a harsh and wet climate, which keeps him in doors whenever he is at rest, and being of an affectionate and loyal temper, he dearly loves his house II" he is rich, he buys an estate and builds a hall; if he is in middle condition, he spares no expense on his house.

Without, it is all planted: within, it is wainscoted, carved, curtained, hung with pictures, and filled with good furniture.

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