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The initial measurements were made in the weeks before the June 2013 elections, a time when the Iranian government was working to restrict the communications of the opposition.

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The researchers find that a "large amount of Iran’s traffic passes through a centralized facility," where censorship filters are applied.

Perhaps to avoid overwhelming this facility, or perhaps to limit access to high-bandwidth (and potentially subversive) video content, the government has established a nationwide speed limit of 128 kbps for users.

That's about twice the speed of old-school dialup modems, and 50 times slower than a typical connection in the United States today.

Discussion of Internet censorship usually focuses on China and its "Great Firewall." But the Chinese Communist Party isn't the only regime that censors its Internet. Little is known about Iran's censorship system because Iranian citizens who probe the network from inside the country risk reprisals from the government.

But earlier this year, two anonymous Iranians teamed up with Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan, to conduct one of the first systematic studies of Iranian Internet censorship to be published outside Iran. Users who attempt to visit a banned site see a notice that looks something like this: What gets censored?

Halderman presented his findings at a Tuesday talk at the Usenix Security conference in Washington, D. To find out, the researchers attempted to visit the sites on Alexa's top 500 lists in various categories.

Almost half of the 500 most popular sites on the Internet are censored.

Unsurprisingly, the theocratic Iranian regime censors pornographic Web sites most heavily.

But a high percentage of sites in the "art," "society," and "news" categories are also blocked: In addition to banning particular sites, the Iranian network also filters traffic based on its content.

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