Koukyou no maedo sex Malysia redtb

If a Time Fruit enters a male, he becomes a crazed winged being known as an "Angel".

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Koukyou no maedo sex

As she investigates his past, she discovers that he is a clone created by Sayara Yamanobe, a woman searching for immortality.

After discovering this, Koki decides to work for Rin in her agency. Sayara Yamanobe returns, kidnaps Rin and attempts to attack Japan with biological weapons.

Koki, after becoming an Angel, sacrifices himself to save Rin and Japan.

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Funimation Entertainment licensed the series in North America.

The plot, rich in the mix of murder and action, is set in modern and near-future Tokyo, and revolves around Rin Asougi, an immortal female private investigator.

A light novel and a manga adaptation have also been published.

A mysterious tree known as Yggdrasil would often appear in the world of the humans, releasing many small orbs into the human world.

A small proportion of the orbs are special ones known as "Time Fruits".

If a Time Fruit enters a female, she becomes Immortal.

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