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John has the unique ability of explaining complex things in a simple way and his show covers very complex issues.

You will laugh a little and learn a lot with every show as John shares his wisdom on: John and Lauren receive emails from people asking for help every week. Some of the topics are just so controversial and juicy that we cannot make them public.

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Some of the helpful topics include: You will gain access to the timeless Mars Venus videos based on John Gray’s bestselling books. You will learn how to understand and appreciate your partner, your family and your coworkers in these video series: Only Mars Venus Insider members have access to exclusive videos from John Gray’s Soul Mate Relationship Seminars.

Many people own some of these John Gray Seminars and Mars Venus Workshops on DVD or VHS. These 4-Day workshops are taught by John Gray and form the foundation for most of his books.

You will also be able to watch John Gray teach health and relationship courses around the world.

You can watch any John Gray advice show at any time.

You will gain instant access to over 200 advice shows with helpful advice on relationships and marriage, dating and sex, ADHD, brain function, addictions, and emotional mastery.

Never-seen-before videos from different John Gray seminars.

You will see how John leads corporate gender trainings and how he teaches couples to improve communication in their relationships at his life-changing Soul Mate Seminars.

John Gray is at his best when he is on stage entertaining crowds and couples from around the world.

You will be able to laugh along with the crowds in China and learn an idea worth sharing from his latest Ted Talk. " moments have come from John Gray during interviews.

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