Jang geun suk and park shin hye dating 2016

If we dated, I’d feel like she might get dirtier.” Hong-ki: “I’d feel too sorry to her to date. They’d die before admitting it though.” Shin-hye: “I never said I’d die before admitting it.” [Using Go Mi-nam’s speech pattern] “Yes, that is true.She’s so kind that even if I did something wrong, she’d keep forgiving me. Someone where we build up a lot of memories and affection by going through a lot of problems and incidents together.” Geun-seok (in rapid interview mode): “Hong-ki, do you have an ideal woman among celebrities? You are attractive.” Shin-hye: “There are nicknames we have for each other on set.Renai-Jang, Bolmae-Jung, Hong-Star, Avant-Hye…” Geun-seok: “Shin-hye came up with Renai-jang, and I came up with Avant-Hye.

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@[email protected]” Shin-hye: “Really feminine, very wifely and motherly.

It’s like the style of women in the paintings drawn from the Renaissance to Rococo eras, when they wore dresses with small waists and large hips, and carried parasols.” Hong-ki: “A woman in body and spirit, whose every feature is womanly.” Geun-seok: “Shin-hye looks very boyish in the drama but in real life, she’s extremely feminine. Keke.” Geun-seok: “What is the concept of idols these days?

At Chuseok time, the Mother Superior brought steamed chestnuts. '” Hong-ki: “I’ve been Hong-Star star since I was younger. ” Hong-ki: “These days, idols are young singers in a group.

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The following video clip (watch below) and interview caught the cast of You’re Beautiful in a rare spare moment as they filmed busily — time is scarce and it looks like they’re in the thick of live-shooting by this point, with just three more weeks left till the series wraps.

The cast also seems unusually close and always in good humor, based on the behind-the-scenes clips that have been released. Someone who doesn’t lie, who shows her emotions on her face… Since I’m Shin-woo.” Geun-seok: “What if Park Shin-hye asked to date you?

(Basically, my principal reaction to the interview was, “Jang Geun-seok and Park Shin-hye, just date already!! ” Shin-hye (suddenly solemn): “That will not happen.” Yong-hwa (with a special smile): “I’d have to take care of her.

” Seriously, it seems like they’re always flirting, and it’s too cute.) In the clip, Park Shin-hye starts by explaining the cast’s nicknames for each other (which are explained in more detail below), and then starts reciting one of her lines when Lee Hong-ki appears. The reason the interview went longer than asked is because of those unstoppable “pretty boys.” At times serious, at times playful, their moonlit chatter doesn’t stop. Because I’m Shin-woo.” HIGH CUT:: “Shin-hye sshi, between the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung, gentle Kang Shin-woo, and quirky Jeremy, who is closest to your ideal man?

Hong-ki takes over and imitates one of Mi-nam’s lines from the scene in Episode 1 where she’s drunk at the party, and Shin-hye acts Jeremy’s part. This is the unstoppable relay between Jang Geun-seok, Park Shin-hye, Lee Hong-ki, and Jung Yong-hwa. ” Shin-hye: “Choose between prickly, gentle, and quirky? As a character, the most attractive is the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung? so Shin-hye shows her feelings for me again.” Yong-hwa: “I’m telling you, no matter how much I cover her with that towel, it’s no use.” [Jung Yong-hwa earned the nickname of “Towel Guy” for the scene in the men’s locker room for covering Go Mi-nam’s eyes with a towel.] Shin-hye: “Hwang Tae-kyung is the one to fall for the more you see him, Kang Shin-woo is the one who draws you the moment you see him, and Jeremy’s always fun to be with.

Jung Yong-hwa arrives and Shin-hye recites his line from the Towel Scene. Hong-ki: “Go Mi-nam is a really pure and kind girl, although her appearance is boyish.” Geun-seok: “I think I’d feel burdened. To be honest, if I had to pick one between them it would be the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung.” HIGH CUT:: “Do you like bad boys? um…” Geun-seok: “If you ask women about liking bad boys, they will mostly deny it, but it’s true.

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