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Apart from Olivia Wilson, two other twitter users also reported the same and added that they were looking quite ‘smiley’ with each other.

After a while the official Primrose Bakery owners tweeted that the boys were not in their store but they are quite fond of 1D and love to have them over some times. But why the denial spewed after a long time from when the rumors took place? Louis Tomlinson is currently dating Danielle Campbell and they have been to a romantic ski trip to the French Alps.

On the other hand Harry Styles is rumored to smitten with Kendall Jenner and showed some serious and tooth rottingly ‘sweet’ PDA with the lady in St. So is Larry real or all of the five years worth of rumors are just mere speculations?

However, the owners of Primrose Bakery might be having a peachy time, since their cupcakes became quite famous, and all for ‘Larry Stylinson.’ But when it comes to ‘Larry’ gossips, I think we are all Niall.

He is the stuff of legend, of movies and romance novels. As a self-made man that came from modest beginnings, he has also developed an ego the size of his fortune.

At 67, Ellison is the fifth richest person on the planet with a net worth of $33 billion, Forbes says. Besides spending unfathomable amounts of money acquiring stuff, Ellison says and does so many outrageous things, that satirical stories about him have been widely reported as true and true stories about him have been widely reported as false.

We've collected ten of the most outrageous stories about him ... Larry shippers worldwide went a little bonkers, because apparently Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were seen in a bakery looking quite cosy with each other. Are five years of endless rumors finally coming true? From their very first embrace in the X-Factor studios in 2010, they have been quite a subject of adoration and their constant touchy feeliness, rather compelled us to believe those two are indeed dating, and that infamous ‘Always in my heart’ tweet is nothing but Louis’ shameless admission of love for Harry, which is the second most retweeted tweet in history. Also Read: LOUIS TOMLINSON AND BRIANA JUNGWIRTH BREAK UP? ’Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson aka ‘Larry Stylinson’ is not just a mere ‘bromance’ rumor, but so much more, or as millions of fans claim.On other reports they have had numerous girlfriends, and Harry Styles is considered ‘womanizer.’ But fans are still quite enamoured by them and created thousands of beautiful fanfictions consisting them.According to Unreality TV, a twitter user has seen the two British lads from One Direction, spotted in the Primrose Bakary, while buying some baked goods and cupcakes.The new spread like wildfire and ‘Primrose Bakery’ appeared in the worldwide trends on twitter.

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