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At that length, vinyl enthusiasts will be frothing to know we're looking at a double LP package (or bigger).

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Though a few people were a bit baffled by the background vocal loop...

In a media release, Blake says Vernon is "the closest I have to a brother.

With Justin, I wasn't that interested in making music with him, initially - I just wanted to be his mate."Vernon also wrote and co-produced the closing track, the vocoder harmonised 'Meet You In The Maze', and provided additional production on 'Two Men Down'.

In case you missed it, James Blake released his first album in three years today, the The Colour In Anything.

Nearly 18 months on from confirming its existence (and a couple months out from coming out for Splendour and sideshows) the UK singer-producer has gifted us with the full 17-track release, which follows on from last year's 200 Press EP and 2013 LP Overgrown.

So whether you're a mega-fan looking for more Blake #content to devour alongside the new album, or simply want to stay in-the-know when it inevitably becomes part of this weekend's talking points. The original working title for 'The Colour In Anything' was 'Radio Silence', which is the opening track and a tune performed live at festivals last year."So it's the one I've been sitting on the longest," Blake told BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac."Then I changed my mind and it became a running joke that there'd been so much radio silence from me, in my absence."For the album's watercolour art, Blake recruited Sir Quentin Blake (no relation), best known for illustrating books from beloved children's author Roald Dahl (Matilda, The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox - you name it).Painted murals that popped up in London and Brooklyn first tipped people to the artist's involvement.Blake's graphic designer mum introduced him to Quentin at an early age but it was his manager's idea to work with the artist, as the musician told Mac."It wasn't actually going to be for this record it was going to be something else and this record turned into the kind of record that suited this artwork.And then now when I look at the artwork, there's so much emotion in what I'm looking at that sometimes I find it hard to look at - it brings back this whole experience: the record, the things [and] stories that went into it, the journey of it.It really encapsulates the whole thing for me."EMBEDThe album's a whopper, 17 tracks clocking in at 76 minutes long.

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