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When I've visited Singapore I haven't noticed very many interracial couples, but I don't know whether I'm seeing a representative sample.

How common is it to date outside one's race, and if it's not common, are there specific taboos about it? There is a relatively high prevalence of interracial marriages and dating when compared to other countries, and this is partially down to a combination of availability, culture and society.

According to Professor Saw Swee-Hock's research into population dynamics in Singapore, about 20% (or 4,928) of marriages in 2010 were interracial.

Availability Singapore is made up of several population subgroups, primarily classifiable as Chinese, Malay, Indian and European/Eurasian/Others.

While Chinese comprise the vast majority of the population, Malays, Indians and all other races/ethnicities still make up about 26% by number.

Given the lesser availability of same-race males and females in absolute terms and the nature of probability, Indians and Malays are far likelier to meet someone and marry outside of their own races.2.

Culture Culture is what turns availability into opportunity.

In Singapore, most youngsters are brought up in a fairly uniform schooling system, experience mostly the same sort of childhood (in terms of places, people, entertainment, food) as there is a lack of significant regionalism and a large amount of standardisation in Singapore.

This largely levels the playing field for all races, giving individuals more in common than their typical racial profile might ordinarily suggest.

This creates an opportunity for both a significant and valued common culture across races, as well as the culture associated with one's own personal racial and/or religious profile. Society Interracial marriages are a generational thing.

They're more common now than before, and are a products of recent generations, not past ones.

Acceptance is not widespread, particularly as religion, casual racism and conservatism enter into the equation, but it is not systematically restricted or discouraged.

Given that there is wide-enough acceptance and even some encouragement (e.g.

even as simple as people suggesting that mixed race babies look cuter), there is a conducive environment to go ahead and date and eventually marry someone of another race.

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