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The text can be assigned character and paragraph formatting, and can include embedded Component Object Model (COM) objects.

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The IRich Edit Ole Callback interface is used by a rich text edit control to retrieve OLE-related information from its client.

A rich edit control client is responsible for implementing this interface and assigning it to the control by using the EM_SETOLECALLBACK message.

Notifies a rich edit control's parent window that a SYV_CORRECT gesture occurred, giving the parent window a chance to cancel correcting the text.

I never needed to use the TRich Edit before, always used TMemo.

I'd like Rich Edit autoscrolling to the end when I add text like TMemo.

See how it looks after you add some data: As you can see, the scroll bar remains at the top, but I'd like it stayed at the bottom as I added text.

I've 'googled' for solutions but I couldn't find a good and reliable one.

message to the Rich Edit window (as Microsoft wants you to do), whereas the other first have to obtain the entire text as a string (potentially very slow?

), and then reads the length cardinal of it (very fast).

This section contains information about the programming elements used with rich edit controls.

A rich edit control enables the user to enter, edit, print, and save text.

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