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Building trust is vital for any relationship to be strong. While most people want to think that they are trusting unless given a reason not to be, this isn’t actually the case.Here are a few small ways you can work on building trust with a new partner.

If you don’t want to go to an event, or need to back out of previous plans, just tell that person.

It may upset them at first, but in the long run it’s the best thing to do. Do What You Say Did you promise to pick up the dry cleaning or pay for a parking ticket? These are simple things, but not following through on the things you’ve said you would take care will make the other person think you can’t be relied on for bigger decisions.

Come Clean with Secrets Something in your past that your not proud of can still come back and haunt you later. Communicate Did your partner do something that upset you? The key to trust is knowing that you can rely on your partner to tell you when something isn’t right.

Set the standard by knowing how and when to communicate, and always let the other person know how it affects you.

Living in a world where money is tight for almost everyone, understanding how to build a relationship without spending a lot of money is important.

You can make a great impression without adding unnecessary impact to your credit cards.

Pack a Punch with a Small Gift Did your date mention she loved a certain band or type of music? This can have more of an impact than flowers that are expensive and will die.

If you pay attention during your conversations you can find plenty of great ideas that will impress without spending a lot of money.

An Evening at Home Most women would much rather snuggle on a couch for a movie than go to a crowded theater.

If you want to plan a great evening that will be remembered consider asking her over for dinner and a movie.

Prepare a meal from scratch (it doesn’t have to be fancy), have a bottle of wine, and enjoy each others company in the comfort of your home.

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