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- ( wrote at 2005_08_30_.323: Hello Alek it's Rick, I just wanted to say to you how much I have enjoyed working with a customer like you and also wanted to express my dissapointment in how long this project is taking - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_.524: I know that when this project is completed you will be very happy with the results, I am not used to doing this ay large projects in a row - 4 over 1000 sq ft and this one with all of the extra stuff going on - and all in all over 100 patios to date this year - Rick the Concrete Contractor Alek Says at 2005_08_30_.762: I'm not sure I want to get into a public discussion on this Rick, but while it's taken a little bit longer than expected, these things happen and bottom line I'm confident you'll deliver an outstanding finished product in a few days.

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- ( wrote at 2005_08_30_.991: So,do the guys know they are being watched?

Their manager must enjoy seeing his employees keeping busy..- ( wrote at 2005_08_30_.413: So,do the guys know they are being watched?

Their manager must enjoy seeing his employees keeping busy..Alek Says at 2005_08_30_.474: WRT remote control concrete trucks: I have NOT implemented that feature ...

Alek Says at 2005_08_28_.406: Yea, bummer is even though the Dlink webcam is darn nice, and cost a bundle, its image quality still suffers ...especially in low light - too bad someone doesn't sell a webcam with HUGE CCD sensors and low refresh rate as this would be ideal for my Holiday lights.

Alek Says at 2005_08_29_.630: Today ended up being a strike-out, but the contractor assures me they'll be out first thing Tuesday morning to do the touch-up work and we might even do some pouring in the afternoon.

Alek Says at 2005_08_29_.785: Was actually just saying goodnight to my kids.

BTW, Image Magick is kinda slow for JPEG to MPEG conversion, but it's pretty easy to generate movies - this will be cool. Image Magick is REALLY slow when you feed it a lot of images ... I'm using this quick-n-dirty approach - it's an oldie but goodie. Needs to run on Red Hat Linux without a buncha dependancies/modules, and ideally I do something like Alek Says at 2005_08_30_.252: NOW it's morning here ...

and I have the webcam showing the Colorado mountains lit up by the morning sun.

Image Magick is still doggy slow but I just took a frame per minute (rather than all frames) and generated a 4 second movie that shows 2 hours of work - kinda funny to watch - lets hope they can work that fast when they come out - supposed to be here by .

Alek Says at 2005_08_30_.068: There has been one person working since 0830 this morning, and I've been assured that a full crew will be out here around 1'ish with the hope that we'll do some pouring a few hours after that - stay tuned.

Alek Says at 2005_08_30_.317: Yea, the contractor is aware of the webcam - in fact, comment #28 was almost certainly left by Rick's wife since he was chatting to her on the phone about it while standing in front of the webcam.

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