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Blackburn has been named the best place in Britain to make a living.

The Lancashire town tops the table when comparing average wages to mortgage repayments.

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The site found cash goes further in Blackburn – home town of World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty, best-selling author ­Josephine Cox and Corrie star Wendi Peters – than anywhere else.

The average mortgage repayment in Blackburn is £354, just 21% of the monthly median take-home salary of £1,646 and the cost of living is significantly lower, said the study.

Gloucester ranks bottom with mortgages at £939, 52% of the median wage figure.

The findings caused some surprise in the northern mill town whose textile industry has been declining since the 50s. Things might be cheaper but you don’t earn much up here.

There are some real pockets of deprivation everywhere you look. Everything is dead by midnight.” Bethany Dunn, 17, was equally shocked. It’s almost impossible to get a job round here if you’re young so I don’t know what they’re basing the survey on.

“It’s good for commuters with really good links to Preston, Bolton and Manchester if you’re looking for a job. "I’ve been looking everywhere but all they want is people with ­experience.

“And there is nothing to do even if you have got money to spend.” Cafe owner Phil Ingham, 43, moved to Blackburn from Gloucester and said: “Gloucester is by far the better place to live.

“They say there are more jobs here and it is less costly to live but around here wages are poor.

“My wife took a £10,000 drop in wages when she moved here and work is hard to come by. It never stops.” But Blackburn, Jack Straw’s old constituency, did have its champions.

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