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But generally single Christians look around in frustration as they are told what to do but no one tells them how to meet a good Christian partner.So why is meeting a partner, falling in love and getting married anymore difficult for Christians that it is for the wider secular community.

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While this passage of scripture is subject to more that one interpretation, the effect is the same.

Even though a Christian may meet attractive people at work, University etc, the Christian man or woman knows he won't be fully compatible unless they share a common Christian belief.

The other reason is that sometimes churches are small and eligible prospects are few and far between.

The main function of a Dating Website is to provide the system that makes it easy for people to meet and find those that match their relationship criteria.

Among others, the success of a Dating Website depends on ease of accessibility, richness of features and attractiveness.

Example Website: Username and Real Name + Profile Picture + Cover Picture + About Me (Biography) + Country + Hometown/Current City + Address/Phone + Education Background + Business/Job Position + Relationship Status + Seeking For: + Height, skin colour, eye color, etc + Website/Emails + Religion + Political Views + Favourite Quotations + Role Models + Custom Fields (You can add more yourself) + Private Messaging and Live Chat + Group Messaging and Live Chat + Public Chat Room + Emoticons + Automatically notifies users about their friends Activities + Automatically send email reminders to inactive members + Advertise like Facebook does and Receive Payment: + Allow Users to Create Adverts and then let them pay to have their advert reach targeted users.+ Payment Gateways Integrated Provide page insight and advertising performance to your customers.Lisa is thirty one years old, and lives in Miami, Florida.Lisa is a dedicated Christian and a successful Criminal Lawyer.She has been hoping and praying to meet 'Mr right' in the person of a dedicated Christian Guy, to fall in love and get married for the last five years. One the biggest issue facing single Christians of all ages is finding a Christian partner.As she approaches her thirty second birthday she has been asking herself, why is this so hard to find? Ministers often preach that it is better to get married than to burn in lust.

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