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There are a lot of designers out there that think appropriation is just a big word that gets thrown around when people of color are upset or being overly-sensitive.

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That was a […] Everyone has inherent biases that go with us in our daily decisions, but this one really hurt.

UNICEF did a social experiment with a young girl in Georgia that goes to show what you look like really does matter and determine how you’re treated.

You, reader, obviously care somewhat about your projection to the world. Online reported that, in an interview for October’s W magazine, Halle Berry explained that she was turned down roles due to her good looks.

Berry explained to the mag that she was “discounted as an actor” when people learned she had come from the business of modeling and beauty pageants.

For example, […] This week Marie Claire UK pointed out just how freaked people are about the fact that Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows.

In an interview with VH1, Goldberg reportedly revealed that she does not like to have facial hair and chose to shave off her eyebrows.

They later grew back and were itchy, so she decided […] As we know, a lot of times celebrities tend to not show us really what happens behind closed doors with their bodies.

And while we can speculate what non invasive tummy tucks are that Kim Kardashian has received, and the extensive dieting that stars like Blake Lively have gone through after having a baby, it’s […] Besides Christian Siriano and Opening Ceremony, there weren’t many shows that focused on being inclusive this New York Fashion Week season.

And while it’s disappointing, we knew that we could count on Addition Elle to show off some of our favorites like Marquita Pring, Precious Lee, Nadia Aboulhosn and Ashley Graham since they have continuously […] Body shaming, and trolling on the Internet has really taken a turn for the worse with celebrities like Mormani Kordei an Leslie Jones, but this week we’re glad to see that Normani Kordei has made a triumphant return to social media.

Last month she shared that she was taking a break because people were attacking her […] Here we go again, time to scrutinize the alleged weight loss of yet another model. This is what Paige Shoemaker and her friend Sadie Meier thought it was okay to do.

Recently Ashley Graham was criticized, based off of a single Instagram photo, for supposedly losing weight. You know, it wouldn’t have been blackface if you just had a mask on.

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