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By and large, free phone chat lines are used for romantic and sexual networking.Though advertised as a resource for platonic friendmaking, they are not often used for this purpose (as becomes obvious within a few minutes of using such a service).There are not many phone lines like these, and all use the same technology.

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The technology used by free phone chat lines is fairly universal—the mechanical host has the same voice and provides the same information, but the individual groups of chatters vary from service to service.

Calls are anonymous and unrecorded, freeing the host from legal liability while protecting users’ identities.

Minors are not allowed, and the service asks that they hang up immediately if they are calling, but there are no credit card checks or other systems in place to insure that all callers are over 18.

After navigating the initial menu, callers are asked to record a voice greeting to introduce themselves.

At this point, the caller’s message is added to the system to be listened to by other users.

Callers listen to a series of voice recordings from other people on the system.

For any given recording, they can press different numbers to request live chat, leave a message, or listen to the next recording.

Requesting live chat involves recording a greeting to try to convince the other party to engage them with a live conversation.

After the message is recorded, the caller is put on hold.

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