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Policeman rescues who source: m share: Let's lay in the road and play dead. Hands-on education for computer hardware, software, and peripherals. The most famous bear in the world is back in Grand Teton National Park, along with her ugly-ass newborn cub.

Supreme Court refuses to hear case of evangelicals marching around Dearborn with a severed pig's head, telling Muslims they would burn in hell. Watch out for bears The CIA Inspector General has destroyed a report alleging on torture conducted by CIA agents.

To be fair, I wouldn't want to hear that, either. Advisory: if you're in the area of Bear Mountain, took me a while to see it, and it really wasn't worth the time.

The latest "optical illusion" that supposedly has the internet all abuzz.

"Today, the day's most improbable headline: "Jelly Belly Family Sued Over WWII Tank Death".

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Kids,congratulations, here comes the science, well, do you want to know why?

But sex chat in whatsapp quiz you have to push aside the peas to get there source: npr.

Off their dance floor Obama awards 13 Public Safety Medals of Valor to some seriously brave officers source: npr.

You may have just had a silent heart attack I'm the king of the wor Coolest elderly Polish couple you'll EVER want to party night long. To underscore the value of a better job, a worker who moves from minimum wage to an average salaried job will cut their pay gap with the CEO from 819x to a paltry 335x source: m share: "Ever wanted to lick your cat?

That's right, org share: Do you feel tired for no apparent reason? Police find suspect "sweaty, dirty and out of breath" The world's 500 surviving right whales have apparently left source: share: Watercress eating competition brings together the only people on earth who have actually ever tasted it Unknown attackers rip the heads off of forty chickens. " "No." "Meet Licki Brush, the-" "No." "-new way to bond with-".

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