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Was once a online dog-simulation game where you could raise, train, show, and breed pixel dogs.

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Furry-Paws itself has been in "beta mode" for roughly seven years, who knows if FPaw is actually due to come out. When there's nothing to police, said mods will then start picking and choosing their next victim to be warned/find/restricted/b&.

It was supposed to before summer, but that never fucking happened. ) The sites owner lets you purchase in-game points known as "FPP" or "Furry-Paws Points" The owner is supposed to be using the proceeds to pay for the server, which she does, but she also used the money from the site (that she doesn't fucking take care of) to put herself through college, and ignore the site even more. They claim any problems among the site are "being duscussed on the mod board", yet no one can see this board and the players have absolutely no say in what happens to the game THEY play.

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they are 'furry' or 'a furry', such people are called "furs".

Furry fandom is a community based around the enjoyment of half-animal, half-human artwork and philosophies. There have been many highly successful Anime films such as Ghost in the Machine and Akira.

Anime Fandom works in a similar way to Furry Fandom - as a label to allow social groups and individuals to communicate and meet.

All fandoms have similar trends such parties and conventions where a crowd descends on a hotel or a house, and trends towards liking particular types of music and dress.

A difference in Furry fandom is that it is largely an egalitarian community; 'stars' occasionally gain a following but in general there are so many artists and producers in the community that no particular individuals have events centered around them.

You don't get fanatical book-signing events, or crowds of furrys chasing particular stars.

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