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The GVP 68060 and Apollo 1260 accelerators on test inside H I C l T e CD-ROM roundup including ML9U - Aminet 12, tutorials for Real 3D, Octa MED, Blitz Basic,, hints, tips and advice in Gamebusters, Workbench and more...

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Basic national facts are represented graphically and comparative to the UK. Includes well over 5,000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities. 99 INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA ADULT SENSATION 4 anlma,ions 29. - .j., X Contains over 10,000 old Commodore64 megademo's, Thousands of classic C64 sid tunes that sound exactly like the real thing, C64 pictures, C64 information and C64 emulators. Contains the very latest Amiga archives from the Aminet site. A great value CDI - 64 Sensatw, AGA EXPERIENCE 2 s (CD210) £19.99 X BCI CLIPART & FONTS (CD192 £9.99) AMINET 12 EM : us: X This most comprehensive collection of Lightwave and Imagine 3D objects ever compiled onto CD.

The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. Limited first stocks so order now for immediate despatch upon release. Includes games, demos, utilities, Graphics, modules, demos, product demos, comms, patches, fonts, clipart, blah! It also contains hundreds of texture files, and example images. This data CD ROM includes hundreds of high quality Advanced Military images, including hundreds of different aircraft and helicoptors. 01322 272908 IN THIS ISSUE SEPTEMBER 1996 Month In View Yet more excitement and yet another drama...

If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. I__d ANIME BABES Japanese erotic art (CD191) Only £19.99 WORLD ATLAS AGA MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER v2 (cdist £17.99) i Get on Net ADULT SENSATION ONE This amazing new CD contains everything you need to connect to the Internet. (CD145) £19.99 Available Soon this CD actually contains hundreds of naughty? (OVER 18) (CD146x) £29.99 Adult mensation is a unique collection of colour photoshots of hunky men in various poses. Great for just browing or desktop video publishing. SEPTEMBER 1996 EDITORIAL EDITOR Nick Veitch DEPUTY EDITOR Ben Vost PRODUCTION EDITOR Andrea Ball DESIGN ART EDITOR Linda Benson ART ASSISTANT Cathy Mc Kinnon PHOTOGRAPHY Rob Scott PUBLISHING PUBLISHER Simon Stansfield MANAGING DIRECTOR Greg Ingham CIRCULATION ASSISTANT Kate Elston CONTRIBUTORS John Kennedy, Andy Smith, Darren Irvine, Simon N Goodwin, Dale Bradford, David Taylor, Robert Polding, Graeme Sandiford ADVERTISING SALES EXECUTIVE Helen Watkins PROMOTIONS MANAGER Tamara Ward [email protected] PRODUCTION GROUP PROD.

Just remember that neither of these monitors will sync down to anything less than about 30k Hz, so they are both unsuitable for attaching directly to an A1200 or A4000 unless you have a hardware flicker fixer or graphics card of some sort. Buying the Amiga was the easy bit, though: having the clout to exploit it afterwards was the tricky part of the equation. What's that saying - those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them...

Some amazing statistics: every month this year, Amiga full-price software sales have had over 40% of the market.

On the budget front, Amiga's market share has never dipped below 30%. Admittedly this is on sales of floppy-based product, and does not Include CD, but doesn't that make a nonsense of all the anecdotal “evidence” that certain people throw up to support the assertion that “Amiga software doesn't sell anymore”? That 1200 owners just don’t buy much, and the people putting their hands in their pockets are those who have Inherited old machines?The truly amazing part of all this Is the split between 500 6 though. Well I'll tell you: on full-price, 500 600 outsold 1200 titles by a ratio of 7:1. If any of you are beavering away on a masterpiece which you hope to sell on a commercial basis, perhaps you should reconsider your original idea of making It AGA only - the really successful Amiga titles In recent years (SWOS, Worms, Cannon Fodder) have all been accessible to all users. It wasn't that long ago that every mention of Amiga's exowner Escom was preceded by the word “ambitious”, as In “Ambitious PC manufacturer and retailer Escom recently announced...” Judging by what we've been hearing lately though, the press will be substituting “struggling” or “troubled” for “ambitious” when they are collating news stories on the German giant.Vi D si L D 383 j'j J £5.50 Q SEPTEMBER 1996 ISSUE 88 Ml 22.95 US$ 11.95 B qr EED ent Vniaste et O Umfn 30 m HN Blast e*”' and 'Nad! The Amiga has a new owner and it's about to have a new operating system.We show you what this could mean for your Amiga "*s - . Why not treat yourself to a new OS that will cost you next to nothing?We unravel the mysteries of Net BSD inside WORTH THE WAIT? Yes, it's another roundup of the good, the bad, the terrible and the downright awful submissions that are Reader's Games WRITE ON!It has literally taken years for top titler Monument Designer to be translated into English. Final Writer 5 emerges to do battle with Digita's Wordworth SPEEDUP!

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