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”Brian’s flood of emotions laid bare the source of his personal involvement in the sexual revolution.

It was too painful to say his mom and dad were wrong.

In utter frustration he told me that he didn’t know how to relate to women without being sexually involved.

He avoided all contact with women that wouldn’t lead to sex.

He was angry because I had told his wife, Kaye, that pornography should not be in a part of their sexual experience with one another.

Brian has always been an independent thinker and did not like getting such bold advice from someone he didn’t know very well.

Brian was obviously uncomfortable, but he was intent on winning me over to his point of view. ” “Yes, God did create the human body,” I replied, trying to disarm Brian’s assumptions. But Brian, do you need to use pornography in order to lose your wife? “Most women say that pornography makes them feel used,” I responded. How could this man truly believe that sex with only one woman could be as good as all the sexual experiences he had had? Brian tired to explain away the nagging dissatisfaction of his own life as he told the story of his quest for the sexual fulfillment he believed was his right.

After very little small talk he blurted out, “So what’s the big deal with looking at pictures of naked women? ”Brian was apparently stunned by the directness of this question as he began thinking out loud, “No, my wife and I have a good sex life and we would have a good sex life whether we watched X-rated movies or not.” “Does your wife want to watch pornography? “And men who are honest with themselves say that pornography controls them. “My wife and I have a very satisfying relationship and our sex life continues to get better.” “Yeah, but you’ve never done the things I’ve done. You live a very sheltered life so it doesn’t take much to give you a thrill! He bragged about the women he had “conquered” as a young man.

A marriage cannot last a lifetime when you feel manipulated and your wife feels exploited.”“Come on, Bill, how can you think that lifelong marriage works anymore? He touted his venture into soft pornography, then hard pornography, and justified his daily addiction to pornographic material by pointing out that all “real” men did the same.“Do you think I’m a real man? “Well, yes, I think you’re a godly man and I respect you.” Brian didn’t want to offend his pastor but he really didn’t think that a religious man understood sex. By your definition I am not a real man,” I continued, much to Brian’s discomfort. ” At this point Brian realized he was trying to cover up his own pain by discrediting his pastor.

Do you honestly believe that a man can be satisfied with only one woman? Brian’s half-hearted retaliation exposed the vulnerability he was beginning to feel, “You are not supposed to look at pornography. The dam of his pent-up emotions broke loose as he told of the haunting pictures in his head, from childhood years, of his father, mother and other women engaging in sexual activity.

Brian took time to listen to himself for the first time in his life.“Why does my dad have to be a pervert?

Why did I have to get a dad who would do those things to my mom? What’s wrong with me that I have to have these parents?

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