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Alberta has the lion’s share of Canada’s oil industry. Small businesses in Alberta pay just 14 percent tax, and there is no payroll tax.

Calgary’s unemployment rate was below 4 percent in 20.

Approximately 18,000 jobs have been created in Calgary in the last 12 months to December 2014.

However, the fall in the oil price has reduced employment opportunities as oil producers trim their budgets and cut costs.

Calgary sits in a vast, often brown coloured plain in Southern Alberta.

The prairie here is far above sea level: Calgary’s elevation is 1050 metres (3445 feet) above sea level.

Calgary is Alberta’s largest city, larger than Edmonton, the province’s capital. Calgary’s latitude – 51 degrees north – is similar to London, Paris, Seattle and Vancouver.Its high latitude results in long days in summer and long nights in winter. Sitting on the prairies, the city enjoys plenty of sunshine with low rainfall. Of all Canada’s provinces, Alberta’s character is most like the USA.Alberta has cowboy boots, rodeos, cow festivals (Calgary is sometimes called Cowtown) and American spellings.Its government is to the right of Canada’s other provinces.Alberta has a reputation for socially conservative attitudes.Calgary has a lower violent crime rate than any other major city in Canada.

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