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You’ve got the deliciously evil Liza demanding “Blood!,” Dixie in a tragic haircut, parents foaming at the mouth, and … Plus gay teen Kevin Sheffield decides to come out on air, leading his homophobic brother to commit a deadly act. As for Michael, he got his job back, moved in with boyfriend Brad, and presumably is still teaching. Derrick stalks the corridors of Salem Inn, looking to interfere in the lives of anyone who will give him a good tip, or a good f*ck.

Eve torres dating history

His big storyline involved being seduced by the show badboy, the erstwhile and future hetero Adam, in order to “distract” Rafe from Adam’s evil deeds.

Rafe hasn’t been seen in a few years, having opened his own law practice, but he’ll always have his memories of being a sex pawn.

SOAP: Brought in as a schemer and manipulator, lab technician Brad soon became a character you love to hate, and began a relationship with Nurse Felix Dubois.

While we wait to see what the future holds for Wil Son, let’s take a look back at the history of gay characters on American daytime TV.

This list spans thirty years of soap operas, and includes icons and one-offs, but they all made some kind of impact on the lives of their fictional towns.

The “Hot Tub Gays” from , but they were crucial to Will’s coming-out story. SOAP: Jon Hanley was a recurring character in the mid-90’s, chairing the annual AIDS fundraiser.He was Will’s first man-on-man kiss (sadly, the EJ sock puppet Will used to practice on doesn’t count), and it was sloppy, drunk, and angry … Neil followed up the Tunnel Snogging with a cameo at the police station, as Will’s alibi for the night the Stefano was killed … Yes, Will would rather have been known as a potential murder suspect than as gay, a realization that led to a public outing. He was also HIV positive, as was actor Lee Mathis: “The actor attracted national attention in 1993 when he placed a advertisement in Variety acknowledging that he was HIV-positive and seeking acting roles in order to maintain his Screen Actors Guild health insurance.We never saw Neil again, but his spirit surely still haunts that tunnel, waiting for the next repressed Salemite to enter. Several casting directors responded, offering bit parts and eventually the role on the popular daytime soap opera.” Lee died of AIDS in 1996, and his character died off screen, mourned by Port Charles.SOAP: Blond interloper Brent was an old “climbing buddy” of Sonny, who breezed into town with spelunking on his mind.Appalled at the sight of a domesticated Sonny, he tries to lure him away with the promise of exploring “Bryce Canyon,” which sadly is not a gay porn star but is an actual … He also tries to undermine Will’s confidence, which is like shooting fish in a barrel, but it was all for naught, as Sonny decides to refuse his offer. Desperate to keep their clandestine relationship hidden, Daniel resorts to murder when he’s blackmailed, and a Michael was a decorated war veteran and beloved high school history teacher, but when he came out to his class, he was fired by the Pine Valley School Board.SOAP: Mark was a struggling student at Llanview University when he became romantically involved with D. That controversial dismissal led to this insane scene, where Michael appears on the Pine Valley Public Access show (hosted by Tad Martin), and all hell breaks loose!

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