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Students of Degrassi, you have to forgive this gossip lover for the major delay! Post 10 is now closed, please keep all gossip contained to this entry! Nobody knows the real story on them, but some say they've actually eloped because Ellie is pregnant! Emma totally sluts it up with a supportive Rick, leaving Ashley cheated on... O put in the hospital, however, she's since forgiven him, though it seems Spinner may still carry through! They claim it to be Tyler and Darcy, but a few "eyewitness' accounts have seen otherwise. After Craig broke up with him, returning to his OTL, Spinner, she couldn't handle it. Supposedly, the only reason Ellie even got back with Sean was because she couldn't have Rick.

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If that's true, then maybe THAT'S the real reason behind the Spinner/Craig split. Heather Sinclaire is a whore (though if you talk to Paige, she'd probably say that anyway). Which is fairly interesting, Tyler's been rumoured to have also hooked up with Craig while Spinner was at an AA meeting. It's also been said he's been seen with both Dylan and Marco. Craig and Spinner split due to Spin's violent ways. Alex breaks up with Jay for being a scumbag (again! Rick hooks up with Manny while Darcy has tough times at home. Students of Degrassi, my apologies for the lack of a Grapevine Issue this week! It seems our more new students have been getting a lot of talk their way. ), he seems to be taking Manny to the Valentine's dance, oh what a couple they would be! There's been some talk about our resident TA, Matt Oleander. Students of Degrassi, post five is now closed, please keep your gossip contained to this entry! ) Some are saying he's just gonna cry himself away. A loud, drawn out arguement with Spinner lead him to announce his love for Spin. Spinner hooks up with Tyler, feels guilty and kills himself. He couldn't handle being with her, she wouldn't eat anything when they went on dates. It looks as if Spinner and Craig, despite their split, have been the big gossip for a second week in a row!

And then, there are the strange, random things we've heard. Mostly Marco, since he's admitted to reciprocating those feelings. Post seven is now closed, please keep all gossip contained to this entry! Rick and Darcy hit a snag when he hooks up with Ellie once again. Seems that the real reason he's so secretive isn't diabetes at all. Also this week, Paige and Spinner have separately been forced to face issues. Get over yourself Sean, stop looking for sympathy.. Speaking of Sean's ex-flames, there's been a couple of things going around about them. But yet, he's still having all the steamy sex with Manny... Because of this, Craig goes off his meds and kills himself (aw, star-crossed lovers)Ellie cheats on Chris. Alex beats the living hell out of Ellie, then gets back with Rick. Lots of things are still speculating about Craig and Spinner however. Matt and Paige break up because he tries to help her eat. As we all know, their split left Spinner drinking himself away... Word has it he's on a one way trip to suicide, feeling as if Craig doesn't love him anymore. that his fight with Sean last night was to prove his true love for Emma.

Jay cheats on Manny with both Alex and Amy, leaving Manny heartbroken. Some are saying it's gone as far as her even being pregnant with Jay's baby. Unfortunately for her, it may actually be Sean Camerons. It seemed as if Paige was going to use her queen-bee connections to get Mr. It seems as is the focus has shifted off Craig and Spinner, and moved towards Ellie, Sean, and Emma.

My predictions for the week: Manny and Jay hook up. Rumour has it that though he's dating Craig, he's still hooking up with Paige, Manny and even his supposed enemy, Matt Oleander on the side! Speaking of Paige, we've heard a few things about her. Oh boy, when Alex finds out, she's in for a good beating. First Paige, and now it's been confirmed that Hazel is in fact pregnant. That's right, Mr Oleander has been a topic of discussion, mostly after he got into a physical fight with Spinner Mason outside The Dot. Post four is now closed, please keep your gossip contained to this entry!

We start this week off with some news pertaining to our favourite bisexual, bad-haired student, Spinner Mason. Speaking of pregnancies, they're spreading around Degrassi like an STD. But that's okay, because much to the dismay of Ellie Nash, it seems Darcy is retaliating by sleeping with none other than JT Yorke himself! We're not too sure what it's all about, we're still looking into it! As a result, Paige is hospitalized when Alex breaks many of her bones. Terri, Ash and Rick run away to Utah to get married. Hazel loses her baby in a freak accident involving Ms. It's not a student, but rather a teaching assistant who's name is showing up the most in The Grapevine.

Hazel can't take the pressure of pregnancy, attempting suicide and somehow harming Jimmy in the process. Students of Degrassi, my apologies for the delay in this weeks update! Post nine is now closed, please keep all gossip contained to this entry! Now they both cross-dress in the late night hours while they fuck! My predictions for this week: Jay spreads his STD lovin' to Paige. Craig gets back with Manny, and Spinner gets with Darcy. Students of Degrassi, my apologies for the delay in this weeks update! Post eight is now closed, please keep all gossip contained to this entry!

Though neither would ever to admit to it, it all started with a cross-dressing joke.

It seems as if Rick Murray is feigning worry about his girlfriend Darcy to coverup his late night relationship with Ashley Kerwin.

Marco's also been rumoured to have been seen with the mullet kid (how disgusting! Last night at Jay's party (in which Jay was nowhere to be found... Due to the lack of gossip, I'll only post my weekly predictions. O goes on a date with his ex, and as a result, cheats on Paige. Spin seems to be taking it well (and in the ass from Craig, we must add), but that's because he's got his sex back. and competing with arch rival Heather Sinclaire for biggest problem with an eating disorder. Ellie, you gotta let us know, have you gone chocolate with Chris, or still with the washed out, marshmallow Rick? which leads us to wonder: Do you really love anyone, Craig? It looks as if Manny is losing her touch, since words out Craig is seeing Spinner behind her back. and caused Craig to get back with Ashley, only to break up with her for... Sorry Craig, but you can't be truly in love with four people, get over yourself!

Get a haircut.)Going back to Spinner for a moment, after hearing word that either Hazel or Nadia (perhaps both? some believe he was at the Ravine with the also MIA Emma! And with Darcy nowhere to be found, Rick seemed to be getting cozy with none other than Manny Santos. Spinner finds out, and gets arrested for attempted murder. That about wraps it up in this slow week in gossip. She's been spotted whoring it up with both of them.. Spinner's still drowning his problems in a bottle... Our newest Degrassi student, fresh from Wasaga Beach, Tyler Bishop seems to be quite a catch. Oh Craig, will you ever reform from your cheating ways? There's only been a couple of things going around about Spinner, but their juicy enough.

) have been impregnated by Jimmy and having abortions, it was also said Spinner was having an abortion. It was even said they went out together after the party had ended! Predictions for next week go like this: Manny sluts it up, stealing Spinner from Craig this time. Though it's been said he's casually dating Darcy, this bisexual newb is said to be after Mr. Which may be quite alright, because everyone knows Rick is majorly interested in Darcy anyway. But it's possible she's NOT losign her touch, getting back at Craig by sleeping with everyone's favourite man-slut, JT. Both Terri and Spinner have confirmed they had a drunken sexual encounter.

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