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12/30/2010) A story about graffiti artist Scape Martinez incorrectly stated who commissioned a mural he painted at the Roosevelt Community Center in San Jose.

His artwork was sponsored by the City of San Jose Public Art Program.

“People think about the legality of the art form, but if you change the conversation–which is what I am trying to do–it will hopefully change the concept of the way people look at it,” he said.

The name “Scape” is an acrostic that stands for “screaming creative and positive energy.” A graffiti name should be something you can write well and that has a combative sound to it, he said.

“Your name becomes your alter ego and in many ways is like your superhero name because what you’re doing is escaping from what you are and you get to invent what you want to be.” Martinez says. J., he moved to the Bay Area when he was around 8 years old.

Martinez has always been fascinated by art and specifically color.

He is well known for his abstract paintings and graffiti art throughout the Bay Area.

He began his career in the late ’80s and early ’90s and focused on the expressive use of color and lettering styles.

In the late ’90s he made the leap from street graffiti to studio painting.

One day while walking on the East Side of San Jose, he saw a graffiti piece painted on the side of one of the buildings at Mount Pleasant High School.

It opened his eyes further to the color and movement of the art form.

As a kid he was constantly doodling in the margins of school assignments and even used his mother’s makeup as paint when there wasn’t enough money for art supplies.

“I used to buy art supplies at the grocery store in the 99-cent section.

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