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Mr Choudhary’s seat faces the GPS-enabled small screen of the Mobile Data Terminal that blinks every time a prospective customer in a nearby neighbourhoods calls a cab. The new cab services, professional and impersonal, offer a measure of anonymity. A handsome young man with long hair and rippling arm muscles is standing at the auto rickshaw stand, his eyes are darting around. While mumbling into her cell phone, she is continuously staring at me, with a sense of urgency.

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After two hours, I dropped the girl at her apartment complex in Munirika and the foreigner in Vasant Vihar.” . Next, the young man emerges from the car with two girls. Speaking in public school English, their talk is sprinkled with words like awesome, yaar, and cool.

Gauche and giddy, perfumed and well-clothed, the kids are living on impulse. Mr Choudhary is having his home-cooked subzi-roti in the back seat.

It seems as if there is nothing they really want to do, and nothing they won’t do. People are coming out of the club in pairs or in groups.

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Yeh ghatna 3 saal pehley ki hai jab main 9th class mein tha,meri sis ki ek saheli thi jiska naam Parul tha,uski umar tab 25 saal thi,uski tab shaadi nahin hui thodi saanwli thi,uski height 5’9′ thi, woh thodi…

The street is jammed with cars filled with people who have booked tables in the area’s various restaurants. Our car finally manages to speed towards Aurobindo Marg.

A group of four is walking towards the Pind Balluchi restaurant in Deer Park, twittering in American-accented English.

The headlights of passing cars briefly illuminate the faces of a chic crowd on the roadside, returning well-fed from Hauz Khas eateries.

This Tata Indigo is one of the 300 Meru Cabs (a radio cab service) that zip through the city’s roads during the small hours. I politely asked them to sit at a distance from each other. ” I said, “Look, there are five cameras in this car and a video is being made of whatever you both are doing.”” The couple instantly disentangled. I step out and stand under a tree next to a bus stop.

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