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Online Dating Dictionary for online daters Author: All for daters - Dating has become easier for everyone due to the emergence and success of online dating websites.

You can choose the site that suits you best, look for people who have the features you desire along with common interests and contact them immediately.

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But when you start chatting back and forth, the other person is typing recognizable words along with small clusters of letters here and there. These are considered to be 'Net Lingo' and are commonly used Internet acronyms.

411 � Information AFK - Away from keyboard AISI - As I see it AMBW � All my best wishes ATST � At the same time B4 � Before B4N � Bye for now BBIAF � Be back in a few BBL � Be back later BBN � Bye-bye now BRB � By Right Back BS � Big Smile BTW � By the way CID � Consider it done CSL � Can't stop laughing CWYL - Chat with you later DGT � Don't go there DHYB � Don't hold your breath DKDC � Don't know, don't care EG � Evil Grin EOM � End of message FOAF - Friend of a friend FTTB � For the time being FWIW � For what it's worth FYI � For your information GAL � Get a life GL � Good Luck GR8 � Great GTG - Got to go GTSY � Glad to see ya HAGO � Have a good one HAK � Hugs and Kisses HB � Hurry Back HHOK � Ha, ha only kidding HTH � Hope this helps IAE � In any event IDKY � I don't know you ILY � I love you IMO � In my opinion IRL � In real life IYSS � If you say so J/W � Just wondering KIT � Keep in touch KWIM � Know what I mean LD � Long distance LMK � Let me know LOL � Laughing out loud LTIC � Laughing 'til I cry LTNS � Long time no see LYL � Love ya lots M8 � Mate MRS � Meet real soon MWBRL � More will be revealed later MYOB � Mind your own business NBD � No big deal NOYB � None of your business NP � No problem OIC � Oh I see ONNA � Oh no, not again OOC � Out of Character OT � Off topic OTOH � On the other hand POV � Point of view RBTL � Read between the lines RN � Right now SF � Super friendly SNAG � Sensitive new age guy STYS � Speak to you soon SWDYT � So what do you think TAH � Take a hike TIAIL � Think I am in love TIC � Tongue in cheek TM � Trust me TMI � Too much information TTYL � Talk to you later TYVM � Thank you very much VM � Voice mail WE � Whatever WG � Wicked grin WYRN � What's your real name WYSIWYG � What you see is what you get YAFI � You asked for it YDKM � You don't know me YNK � You never know Enjoy :-) Yaya - Admin Free jewish dating, jewish singles & jewish matchmaking service Yair Czitrom is the owner and webmaster of An experienced online dater that took his dating knowledge and web skills to help other daters/singles in today's cyber world.

This site is created for the sole purpose of providing the best promo codes for to the people who wants to subscribe to the dating site.

We try to include only offers that will give huge benefit to our readers. It may ask for your current living city zip code, your gender and email address.

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You may be thinking that If you have selected 12 months subscription then you would have saved 71% of the money, but it’s not a best choice because of a couple of reasons.

The first reason is, you are going to be paying more money than you would be paying for six months subscription.

The second reason is there is no “guarantee” offer with the 12 months subscription. This is the special benefit that dating site is providing to the people, who have chosen the 6 months subscription package and this offer provides a guarantee of additional 6 months free subscription if you do not find any special person within your first 6 months.

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