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Arduino Nikon IR Intervalometer Camera Remote SRF-05 – contains handy wiring diagram!

Arduino and Sharp GP2Y0A02 Infrared distance sensor (Other Arduino projects and tutorials) OK, next take a look at Ken Shirrifs IR library and guide here: you download the library and then unzip it to your Arduino/Libaries directory (older versions, I think its Arduino/hardware/libaries).

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Did you ever want to just delete everything on your computer and start over but you can’t because you actually need some of the stuff there? And just like in an old fashioned filing cabinet the key to organizing things is to use folders to put like things in together.

You may not know it but the venerable old filing cabinet was the inspiration for how computers are setup today.

We use them every day, but has no one got bored of pressing buttons on a stick, it’s far too much effort pressing buttons! After doing some work with my Nikon camera using , which while not impossible I am lazy, so thankfully Ken Shirriff has built a library to do just that and while its built for TV remotes you can decode an IR signal to its raw pulses using it.

Essentially the library senses IR and notes each pulse and gap between pulses, Kens library saves a lot of time and its well coded – I’ll cover the basics of it in a bit.

My idea is to capture the IR sequences and then using the (You can use any distance sensor) and the premise being that different distances from the sensor send different signals to the TV.

So rather than pressing a button you just wave your hand above the sensor.

Of course this is slightly limited but since I only have 5 channels (yep – only 5! There are drawbacks to this of course – the main one being that you can only define so many actions in the sensors dectection range.

But there is plenty of range to do the basics, power, sound and channel and by constantly measuring distances we can even say the direction of movement, up to down and vice versa, can have an effect on what signal to send.

For example moving your hand closer to the sensor will change the channel down.

So first of all you may want to read some of my other tutorials/projects concerning IR and the SRF-05 and Sharp IR (it should also work well).

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