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Of course, that’s what we sign up for when we decide who we will marry, head into the excitement of being engaged and then experience the BIG DAY together.

This is an amazing time in our lives that we should cherish and appreciate.

But, it’s also vitally important that we don’t focus so heavily on the BIG DAY that we lose sight of that whole “lifetime” beyond it.

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After more than seven years of working with engaged couples through our church and also experiencing the challenges of the early years of marriage ourselves, this topic is near and dear to our hearts.

From dating to engagement to planning an awesome wedding and , we have you covered.

And if you’re looking for a little help planning your happy life together, you’ll find several recommended resources below to help you out.

Are you ready to learn how to set your relationship up for a lifetime of joy?

Let’s dig in: While this book was written for couples in the early years of their marriage, it provides a perfect tool for engaged couples moving toward marriage.

It’s full of simple, but powerful, 15-minute experiences that you and your fiance can share to open up about key issues and feel closer than ever.From communication to sex, money and romance, 15 Minute Marriage Makeover will guide you through fun, exciting experiences that will lead you to a married life you’ll love.Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT is a licensed marriage counselor and a friend who will guide you through all of the key areas of marriage preparation.While there’s no replacement for face-to-face marriage prep work with a professional, this book provides a really affordable, convenient and effective tool for busy couples. Gary Chapman (author of one of favorites – The Five Love Languages) is a real down-to-earth advice guide for dating and engaged couples.With decades of experience working with couples and being married, Dr. This program is really popular among married couples because it makes it so easy to connect in a meaningful way even when you are stretched for time.Chapman shares all the top myths about being married and how to prepare for them now before you tie the knot. However, it’s really not limited to those who have already tied the knot.

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