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It's really about dating a person with insecurites. With enough makeup, she could pass off as average or mildly attractive.

Throughout our relationship, my family would constantly remind me that she wasn't attractive. The irony was that I found her cute, and for the most part I was drawn to her personality than anything else.

Her heightened sensitivity acted as the double edged sword in our relationship.

Sensitivity for others - Kindness As the saying goes - people who have suffered pain are kinder as a result.

Unattractive people are often prone to teasing and bullying during early years.

As one of the unlucky ones, bullying made her spend majority of her time at home.

I assume that circumstances like this strengthened her ability to empathize and sense how others feel.

She wouldn't do anything to others that she didn't want done to her.

She would give me space, try to understand my feelings, and be less judgmental.

I could tell that she showed respect towards everybody because she assumed that others had their share of battles.

This was part of the reason that attracted me to her.

She also let me hang out with other girls, which showed mature trust on her side.

Also, to make up for what she lacked in her looks, she more than tried to improve on other abilities, such as her career.

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