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If you are a brave soul, have a third eye, or just want to have a ghostly encounter, then going to these places is definitely for you.

Just make sure you don’t upset the spirits in any way. It is believed to be a place where frustrated souls of Baguio’s citizens reside, spirits that for whatever reason, refuse to leave Teacher’s Camp.

Aside from seminars, trainings, and affordable accommodation, Teacher’s Camp is also known to be infested with spirits.

Caretakers and visitors claim that they often hear strange sounds like a lady crying in one of the cottages, footsteps along the hallway, and a horrifying vision of a white lady and a headless priest walking around. At around AM on November 17, 1981, a tragic accident occurred that buried hundreds of people during the height of the construction of the Manila Film Center in Pasay City.

However, nothing is more terrifying for guests than waking up in the middle of their sleep, at AM, with a bloodied white lady standing beside their beds. Rumor has it that former First Lady Imelda Marcos rushed the construction of the building to accommodate the first Manila Film Festival scheduled for January of the following year.

However, on that fateful day, the ceiling scaffolding of the film center collapsed, sending construction workers down into the freshly-laid concrete below.

With only 2 months left before the Film Festival, it was said that Imelda Marcos ordered cement to be poured into the orchestra pit below burying the fallen workmen, some of whom were still alive.

According to urban legend, Manila Film Center is now haunted and that people who go there claim that they hear cries and moans of the angry spirits in the building, as if the walls of these Parthenon-inspired building talk.That’s probably because there are trapped spirits inside, seeking justice to this day. A tragic fire, killing hundreds of students, burned the small disco.This 50 sqm disco located along Timog Avenue corner Tomas Morato Avenue is a witness to the worst fire accident in the Philippines.On March 18, 1996, shortly after midnight, a massive fire engulfed Ozone Disco, burning and suffocating 160 people to death and leaving 95 others injured, mostly high school and college students, attending graduation or end-of-the-school-year parties.Approved for occupancy for only 35-50 people, the establishment had 40 employees that evening while the logbook showed that there were about 400 people who were in and out of the club during that ill-fated night.People who lived to tell the story reported that they saw sparks flying and smoke inside the disc jockey’s booth, which they thought was part of the party effects.

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