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In a hard-hitting article ahead of a TV documentary on race issues to be aired later this week, Mr Phillips attacked the ‘racket’ of multiculturalism which took root under Tony Blair’s government.

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Some of us have been castigated for years for speaking out, and I hope the tide is turning even among those who upheld political correctness in the past.’He put the failure of people to speak out down to fact that the ‘modern secular sin of being a racist, or its religious cousin an anti-semite or Islamophobe, is by far the worst crime of which you can be accused’.

Last year former Labour home secretary David Blunkett warned of increasing public fears about immigration.

Tory MP Mr Davies said: ‘Tony Blair must be the only person in the country who does not think it was a mistake.’ Like most men of my age and background I’d also managed to get myself stopped by the police in pretty much every model of car I’d ever owned. But to paraphrase the famous Monty Python sketch, nobody expects to be shot in the face. But had I been less lucky I might, I guess, have lost an eye.

The police came, investigated, but never had much chance of finding the culprit.

We repaired the window, stepped up security, warned staff to be careful leaving the building and forgot all about it.

Like many people in my position, I find that such threats are a routine occurrence.

If you’re not white, they come with their own special menace.

But that hole in the window beside my desk at the CRE’s offices in South London should have been a stark warning of the passions that were already being roused, even in this mild-mannered nation, by Britain’s growing ethnic and cultural frictions.

It had been central to the New Labour project led by Tony Blair that Britain’s attitude to a multi-ethnic society would be transformed.

We thought that if the government tackled discrimination with enough vigour then we didn’t need to worry too much about racial and religious divisions, which would just melt away in time because, after all, we were the same under the skin.

But the very next day it became clear that not everyone shared our enthusiasm for multiculturalism.

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