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Did anyone else receive hate mail concerning Jim's lists, a site I had no idea I was a member of?It is too crude to post here so I sent a copy to Dan by PM. I would have never intentionally joined his site and some unstable person now has my email address. I received a e-mail from a web site apparently set up by Jim's enemies with the sole purpose of denigrating him as I view it.

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What’s more, my username and address are not known to their message board.

And the e-mail address they spammed me at is not my general address.

It’s my special address which I only use for message boards, and I make sure to always hide it in the options. Last spring there was a glitch here and many of the members received e-mails which were meant for someone else.

Actually, this web site was set up on 13 January 2007 and I have a bit better memory than forgetting where I signed up no earlier than two weeks ago. The e-mails read like: Dear RWD member, This message is to inform you that we've just moved the RWD( Russian Women Discussion ) Forum!

So, the only conclusion I have is a message board is either selling e-mail addresses of its members or has been hacked by scammers. By the way, although I use this address for many message boards, only few of them are in English and have something to do with dating agencies, scams, etc. Unfortunately, because of the security involved, we werenot able to transfer member passwords…

Dear friends, From our experience, we can surely say that the Internet is a place that is rife with scams.

It’s been said by some people that no matter what legitimate business or social opportunities exist, there will be someone running a con to try and make money off the gullible.

Noted scams are for things like Russian or Ukrainian online dating sites and marriage agencies which can scam thousands of dollars out of romantic hopefuls.

In an effort to combat those scams there have been a plenty of databases established to help Internet viewers avoid the sites that are likely to be scams.

But my question today is that if those Russian/Ukrainian anti-scam websites can be trusted any more than the scams they’re supposedly warning against? There are certain tell-tale clues that Internet browsers should always look for when trying to decide whether or not a certain website is trustworthy.

For instance, a website that is put together with good text that has been proofread and updated is a solid start.

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