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The app’s servers crashed on Monday when it first launched but creators have since got it back online.

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On Twitter the app had a mixed reaction with some saying even if you do not use it "each download is a protest" against the country’s strict laws.

But others said, while they don’t agree with the conduct of the Ershad, the app "disturbs police activities" and could have "unintended consequences".

Saudi Arabia and Iran have failed for the second time to agree on arrangements for Iranian citizens to attend this year’s Hajj pilgrimage, with both sides insisting the other is to blame for the standstill.

Three Iranian men have been rescued off the Sussex coast after their small boat got into trouble.

The trio were picked up by the Border Force cutter HMC Seeker near Hastings after it was alerted by the Coastguard at 9.30am on Saturday They were held two weeks after 18 Albanians had to be rescued from an inflatable boat after it sank off the Kent coast, prompting immigration union officials to warn Britain's coast faces one of its greatest ever breaches from small boats and dinghies carrying migrants.

A Border Force spokesman said: "HMC Seeker was deployed immediately and has picked up the individuals onboard who are believed to be Iranian nationals.An anonymous group of Iranian coders has created an app to help people dodge its notorious morality police.The morality police - known as Ershad or "guidance" in Farsi - are a branch of the security services in the Islamic republic.They are routinely found at their mobile checkpoints harassing Iranians for alleged inappropriate public behaviour and dress.Women, in particular, are targeted if the Ershad decide they are wearing a "bad hijab" - not confirming to their strict interpretation of modest Islamic dress.But now the Gershad app - which is currently only available on Android - allows users to mark the spots on the Tehran city map where the Ershad units are located so would-be targets know to avoid the area.

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