Dating in the dark christopher leavey

, actress Piper Perabo is Annie Walker, a young woman new to the government’s most secretive branch, the CIA.

Check out what they had to say after the jump: Piper: I wasn’t looking for a series, actually.

I was in the middle of doing a Broadway play when this came across my desk.

I was thinking of what I was going to do when the play ended, and I was reading films, but I just wasn’t finding anything that I really connected to.

And, when this came across my desk, not only did it have the pedigree of Doug Liman, but it was a character that I thought would be really fun to play, episode after episode, because it would evolve and change.

And, I talked with the boys a lot about how Annie would evolve. This is my first foray into a series, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but when I compare it with films that I’ve done, it feels of equal caliber.

I even like not knowing, specifically, where the story’s going. I didn’t expect that, and I’m really enjoying that. It seems like every episode that we do is a mini-movie, with the amount of stunts and cameras and shots that we’re trying to achieve, so I think it’s going to make for really exciting television. But, the props are definitely better now and your mom isn’t there to stop you.

When you make a film, you know where you’re going for the whole arc of the story, from the beginning. What do you both think about being on the USA Network? I was a tomboy, jumping off the roof and stuff like that.

Chris: I think the way that they run their network is really smart. They only develop a very small group of shows, and then they only shoot a couple pilots a year, which is why I think they’ve had such a high success rate. Now, I have Chris [Gorham] and Doug [Liman], and we’re jumping off of buildings and down elevator shafts, and we’re crashing cars.

They only really get behind the stuff that they believe in. They encourage us to break stuff, so I enjoy it even more.

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