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I have recently moved back to Wigan after living in Yorkshire for over 20 years.

I have 3 girls all grown up and doing their own thing but we are very close.

I like most music especially soul and the Soul Suite in Blackpool is my Mecca.

I hate loathe and detest Meatloaf I know it's not a popular thing to say but true.

I can't cook and since moving into my new place a cooker is not even on the list!

I have no particular religious leanings but if pushed I believe that if you do good then it comes back therefore i would never deliberately hurt anyone.

I am not at all materialistic and believe its about people not possessions.

I like the theatre and cinema and love live concerts.

I like sport in the main and obviously coming from Wigan rugby is on the birth certificate! Can't think of much more to say so at this point I will sign off I love meeting new friends and travelling.

I write and perform poetry and have a passion for soul music especially Motown I enjoy keeping fit and playing most sports.

I'am in a wheelchair although people who know me see this is not a big deal at all.

( just wanted to be honest and get that one out of the way) Iam on here firstly for friendship but something more would be nice as i've not been lucky in relationships in the past.

I laugh a lot, love life and definatley believe it's an adventure.

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