Dating guy with eyebrow pierced

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Anyway love input guess guys that have them could respond through experience.

I've experimented with piercings (my ears being the first, but I don't even wear that anymore).

The only piercing that I ever got complimented on, and this was during the heat of the moment when she was removing my shirt and she discovered I had my nips pierced.

(She squealed with delight because she had hers pierced too and was attracted to it on a guy.)I don't wear any of the piercings anymore.

The nipples still have the mounting hole, but any of my face or head piercings have healed up and disappeared thankfully...

An ear piercing is very nice, but more so on good looking men. It's all kinds of sexy, but I'm partial to him and all his bits.

Nose piercings are nice looking on men with cute noses. It's not about what's pierced, but about the man himself. I'll also point out that I'm not generally a fan of pierced navels on men. But I come from the hippie generation where a huge majority of men my age are still sporting an earring or two and usually a ponytail.

Navel piercings are out of the question, I don't care how nice a man's abs look. I prefer men with no nipple piercings, for they seem to be more attractive on women. Thank God my current boyfriend has no piercings, tattoos or a ponytail ;)being pierced is not about what we/i look like to others, its about personal choice about what gives you a buzz, i as do most people who are pierced in the zones, get a hightened arosal because of the piercing.............think on this why do women get pierced, i am sure its not just for wearing once and putting in the wardrobe lol You could always get your****pierced. I especially am grossed out by those ring things in the earlobe that stretch them out, you know those circle thingies. I never liked the eyebrow piercing in general but if it's on someone I liked, it'd be okay.

You tell a girl that and her interest in what it looks like/feels like will surpass her interest in not appearing, "easy". Forget a d1ck piercing though (he can remove it as far as I'm concerned).

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