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It’s getting harder and harder to find postcards for my Madison collection, because I already have so many.

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Madison things are more likely to be in Madison, because they were given away as store premiums when people shopped in the local stores.

: Postcards were often used to send just little brief text messages like, “I’m coming on the train at .

Please come and meet me,” because the mail service was so frequent.

In this interview, Ann Waidelich discusses postcard collecting and the many varieties of collectible postcards on the market.

Ann is a volunteer with the Wisconsin Historical Society, whose microsite, Tall Tale Postcards, is a member of our Hall of Fame.

I worked for 35 years as a reference librarian with the Madison Public Library and I just got interested in Madison’s history through my reference work.

My husband and I collect antiques of various sorts, and as we would go to antique stores or antique shows in malls, I began looking through boxes of old postcards.

I just started buying Madison postcards to learn about Madison history. I didn’t move to Madison until 1964, but I say I’ve adopted Madison as my hometown.

A lot of collectors collect postcards of their hometown, and I have a very large collection of Madison postcards.

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